St Etheldreda's

Roman Catholic Church

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St Etheldreda’s Church is quite unique. Visitors are inspired to walk in the footsteps of the martyrs who died for their allegiance to the See of Rome and to worship in England’s only pre-Reformation parish church restored to Catholicism, with its rich tradition of liturgical music.

Not all visitors realise, however, that this ancient and beautiful church is not supported financially in any way by either central or local government. Without donations from a worldwide family of supporters, the maintenance and running costs of the church simply cannot be met.


If you would like to make a donation to St Etheldreda’s, you can do so quickly and easily through our website. We use Paypal to manage our donations, but anyone with a Credit or Debit card can donate online.

Click here to donate.

To donate with Gift Aid (UK taxpayers only) please contact the Parish Office. If you have any questions or would like to donate using another method please contact the Parish Office on 020 7405 1061.

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